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Chinese Earth Element

In Chinese medicine, the earth element is associated with digestion, especially the stomach, spleen and pancreas. The stomach is the home of nourishment. The Chinese also associate the spleen with the earth element, but this is not the organ we may think of as the spleen in the West. Instead, it is the ability to turn the food we eat into flesh, or in other words, the ability we have to metabolize and utilize nutrition. Hence, it has more to do with the pancreas than the spleen.

Stressed (Excess) Earth

Physiologically, an earth excess condition would be characterized by acute indigestion with pain in the stomach area and loss of appetite. The belching of a “rotten egg” taste and smell show that proteins are not being digested properly in the stomach. Here is a complete list of “earth-stressed” symptoms: belching, gas, foul breath, sour stomach, nausea, bloating, loose stool, sugar cravings and cravings for “junk” food. Worry, general emotional upset and projection of fears into the future are emotional symptoms of an overactive earth element.

Anti-Gas is a traditional Chinese formula for reducing excessive “earth” energy. It decongests the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, helping to relieve acute indigestion. It can ease nausea, expel excess gas, restore appetite, ease sensations of fullness after eating and ease stomach and intestinal pain. However, it can also be used when there is a general sluggish, heavy feeling in the body or a tendency to sugar cravings and weight problems.



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Weakened (Deficient) Earth

Physically, earth-weakened people have under-active stomachs and digestive systems. Because of their difficulty digesting food they may become sallow, pale, weak, cold, fatigued and even anorexic. They may have: general weakness, poor muscle tone, poor physical development, loss of energy, cold limbs, cramping, tension in the solar plexus, difficulty swallowing capsules, sensation of “lump” in throat, over-stimulated thyroid, inability to gain or lose weight, long-term physical weakness. Emotionally, being unable to cope with new situations, clinging to the past, deep-seated worries and fears and repressed anger may indicate an earth-weakness.

Spleen Activator is a formula for strengthening the earth element by tonifying the spleen chi. It improves the digestion and metabolism of proteins, minerals and other nutrients to enhance muscle tone, improve physical development, enhance energy and increase appetite for healthy foods. It restores the ability to digest food while enhancing circulation and immunity, to improve general health.

Spleen Activator


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