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Chinese Water Element

The Chinese associate the water element with the kidneys and bladder, which filter the body’s fluids and flush excess moisture from the body. The energy of water is also expressed in the flow of blood and lymph and our own ability to be fluid and flexible. The emotion associated with water is fear and excessive fear is thought to damage the kidneys. Water flows down, so the water problems would show up in the lower half of the body.

Stressed (Excess) Water

The major symptom of a water stressed constitution is water retention. The excess water (edema) needs to be removed from the system. Other symptoms which may indicate stress on the water element include: late afternoon sluggishness, heavy feelings, backache, leg pains, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, prostate problems (men), PMS (women), burning urination and bladder infections.

Kidney Activator is an herbal formula designed to reduce excess water. It not only acts as a diuretic, stimulating the kidneys to flush more fluid from the body, it also works with other body systems and processes that flush excess fluid from the tissues. It can be helpful for frequent urination, scanty urination, kidney stones, abdominal inflammation and swelling, kidney inflammation, burning urination, backache, leg pain, hip pain, swelling of the legs, ankles, fingers, etc., and high blood pressure due to fluid retention.

Kidney Activator


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Weakened (Deficient) Water

A water weakened condition is associated with chronic kidney weakness. This kidney weakness also leads to a deterioration in the structural system. A sort of “brittleness” settles into the body which creates arthritis, stiffness, weakness of knees and ankles, chronic back and leg pain, brittle bones (osteoporosis), one hip higher than the other, one shoulder droops lower than the other, curvature of the spine and more easily fractured bones. Other possible symptoms include impotence and fatigue.

KB-C is a Chinese formula that corrects deficiency of water energy. It strengthens the organs associated with water in the body, the kidneys and bladder and it also strengthens the bones. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys help “build the bones.” Although this may seem like a strange concept to Western minds, the kidneys also regulate the balance of mineral electrolytes and flush acid waste to help maintain pH balance, which maintains the health of the structural system. Acid pH contributes to a loss of bone density.



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