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Teas and Herbal Health

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

The Power of Herbs

People have turned to nature for their wellness needs for thousands of years, and natural practitioners have passed down their traditional wisdom and experience for generations. We want everyone to experience personal herbal health—to feel the power of nature in their lives—and we look forward to helping people balance their bodies with the use of herbs, teas and healthy movement.

We recognize the unique benefits of both Eastern and Western health care philosophies. Our primary focus is on the Chinese herbal formulas that provide nutritional support for harmony and balance in the body. For more than five millennia, herbalists have carefully observed the nutritional advantages of herbs and learned how to blend them carefully to meet the needs of people according to their constitutional differences.

​Based on the principles of yin and yang, the Chinese herbal system is one major example of how ancient ideals are being confirmed by modern scientific research - particularly the concept of respecting each person as unique, rather than assuming that good results for one person will apply to everyone else the same way.
​Another concept gaining attention in the West is the idea of focusing on the whole person, not just some of his/her symptoms. This includes taking a look at seemingly unrelated symptoms and emotional makeup. The time-honored principles of Chinese herbology are not only exciting but also broken down to a simpler mindset that will help you think of these products more like foods, to be used for the special needs of various body systems.
We carry Natures Sunshine's excusive line of high-quality traditional Chinese herbal formulas which can be very helpful in balancing your health. We eliminate the guess work by providing a body scan that will report exactly which herbal formula you need to balance your body.

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